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Who We Are:

Kleen-Tex Australia is a division of Kleen-Tex Industries International. Founded in the United States in 1967, Kleen-Tex has become an established and trusted name in mat manufacture, catering to the commercial and private sector. Since inception, the company has grown and expanded to several other countries across the world, with branches in Japan, Thailand, Poland, Austria, Germany, Brazil and South Africa. Kleen-Tex Australia is the latest addition to this global enterprise and we’re proud to bring the established quality and continuous service excellence of Kleen-Tex Industries to local shores.


What We Believe In:

As an industry leader, we are committed to superior quality, creative solutions and innovative design. We understand the requirements of the individual as well as the corporate customer and strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our products are backed by extensive guarantees to instill absolute peace of mind and confidence that our products are made to last and retain their original aesthetic appeal with correct care.


What Do We Offer?

Our products for the Australian market feature two premium brands that offer exclusivity and years of reliable quality to our customers:


Originating from our European branch, Wash+Dry® is a premium mat range that presents the opportunity to own a unique piece of floor art to enrich your living environment. Featuring a huge selection of vibrant, colourful designs, you’ll find the perfect complement to your personal style in this range. Each Wash+Dry ® mat is manufactured in Europe, comes with a 2-year guarantee and is completely machine washable and tumble dryer safe. See the entire range here


Worrying about cleaning up muddy footprints or dirt marks at your entrances is a thing of the past with the Dirttrapper® mat. Available in a range of sizes and made from a durable cotton upper and non-slip rubber backing, the Dirttrapper® is ideal at any entrance to your home or office. Designed to trap any dirt, moisture or mud from shoes, feet, paws or wheels with just one step, you won’t ever have to worry about cleaning up dirt trails again. Machine washable and manufactured to last. See the range here


For further information about Kleen-Tex Industries, visit the US and EU websites below:

Kleen-Tex USA
Kleen-Tex Europe