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I recently bought a Dirttrapper mat online. The washing instructions advised me to wash the mat before use. So I did. There was quite a bit of lint left in the machine, and tumble drying the mat took a bit of time. I placed the mat at the front door, it was raining that week. The mat appears to do as it was shown on the video. Trap the moisture and the dirt. I’m not sure how long this product will last, but I recommend it !!!

– Ken Ross

Dirttrapper Mat

We have been using the Original Dirttrapper for six years now and it has made our lives so much easier, keeping dirt and dust to a minimum. We have different sizes scattered around our house inside and out. We even use the large one to put near our barbecue to prevent any oil or fat spilling on the tiles and the small ones are used as car mats for our cars. It is such a versatile mat and the best invention for mats ever as they are so easy to keep clean, and we still haven’t had to replace ours yet, as they are still in perfect condition.


6 Years On And Still In Great Condition

Five years ago I saw how the Dirttrapper worked I was amazed, we purchased 3 different sizes and are still using them today. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for a mat to reduce the incoming flow of dirt on clean floors! The mats continue to be a part of my home and can honestly say the most valuable aspect is their longevity and ability to be washed and used again.

– Leora Coleman

Would Not Hesitate In Recommending

Hi Kleen-Tex

I just like to thank you once again for the colourful Wash+Dry mat. I have washed it several times and with the weekly vacuuming it also gets a clean. The colour is still brilliant.After washing it dries overnight – no need for a dryer – and I like the positive message when I look at it. Furthermore the mat does not slip which is very important since my husband had a partial hip replacement and is still a little shaky on his feet.
What else can I say? I wish you would bring in some light natural colours.

Kind Regards
Inge Ross

Wash+Dry Door Mat